In nowadays’s times, richest guy isn’t always he who owns a million greenbacks, however it is he who’s with out fitness issues and enjoys a medicine-unfastened life. Overindulgence in rapid food, dangerous way of life and abnormal sleep timings are ensuing in sicknesses like Obesity, Diabetes, cardio vascular issues and so on. These are current day epidemics, causing millions of deaths across the world, in each adults and children, males and females.

What alarms us even greater is the reality that India has earned the dubious call of “Diabetic Capital of the sector”, specially the south regions. People are gulping down extra drugs than meals and are allotting their difficult-earned savings on Hospitals. Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy have their very own professionals and cons and are frequently life-long remedies.

The New Sensation:

One guy, who’s disturbed by means of the way in which the existing society is thriving on medicines, decided to be a torch bearer for a fight against obesity and Diabetes. An accountant with the aid of career, Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna hails from Andhra Pradesh and is currently a warm topic on the Internet. He is called ‘Maharaja Mantrikudu’ or the ‘food plan magician’ and is growing a buzz on social media and neighborhood channels.

VRK shares his reviews for free to educate the loads on dwelling a healthy life, thereby contributing to a better society for the future generations. His own experiences in weight loss and diabetes reversal have persuaded him to proportion the high-quality blessings of his diet plan.

Reckless Eating-The Main Culprit:

Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna states that the perpetrator at the back of maximum disorders is eating extra food than what’s vital, ensuing in Obesity and Diabetes. Our body requires a positive quantity of calorie consumption to perform everyday movements like taking walks, slumbering, talking and so on.,

However, whilst you consume extra than what’s vital, the more food gets stored within the shape of fats. This fats gets deposited in regions like thighs, buttocks, and stomach, developing a cumbersome appearance. With more fats getting added, the burden of the frame will increase, ensuing in breathlessness, lethargy, and constrained motion. This can lower self-self assurance, main to anxiety and depression.

VRK’s Solution:

VRK himself observed a unique eating regimen due to which he claims to have shed 30 kg in 1 month. This weight loss program comprises of high fat, ok protein, and low-carbohydrate meals. He suggests that you’ll without difficulty lose weight by way of conforming to the norms of the weight loss program for a recommended duration, even as pleasant their flavor buds. Eat what you like, so long as it’s miles inside the popular listing of meals.

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The 4-Pillar Diet Program:

VRK explains the diet software in a 4-Pillar Model. One should mandatorily eat the recommended quantities for tremendous blessings

High Fat Diet: Consume 70 g – 100g of Direct Fat (Only allowed fat like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,
Unsalted Butter).
4 Litres of Water.
3 Lemons.
One Multi Vitamin Tablet.

AVOID: Items like Rice, wheat, root vegetables, Sugar Foods, Pulses, Tender Coconut Water,Beans, Fruits, Nuts besides Walnut, Pistachio and Almond, Refined Oils, Iodized Salt, Diary products like Milk, Yoghurt, Soft Drinks, Alcohol etc., have to be strictly prevented.

The 4 major policies one ought to adhere to, even as at the program are:

Rule 1: Eat only whilst you are hungry.
Rule 2: Eat handiest till your starvation is glad. Save and eat later
Rule 3: Do now not eat again until you are hungry.
Rule 4: Eat whilst you are hungry, in place of awaiting a prefixed time like lunch, dinner and so on.

Here’s How to Do Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet Plan:

For the primary 10 days of the program:

Start your day with a pitcher of lukewarm water blended with the juice of a lime.
Measure 20gm-30gm of coconut oil (preferably) and drink it like a medication
Eat on every occasion you sense hungry from the approved listing of foods, ensuring that one takes the specified quantity of fat (which include the morning dosage of oil)
Fat may be consumed at the same time as cooking, in soups or maybe at once
Eat most effective curries with out rice, roti and so forth., One ought to cook curries using selfmade masalas most effective.
Non vegetarians must make certain they devour simplest 300gm of meat and encompass veggies in their eating regimen to avoid constipation
One can snack on nuts and seeds in between meals to therapy food cravings

Science Behind the Program:

The major idea at the back of this program is to train our body to apply fats as a primary fuel supply, rather than carbohydrates and integrate that with the advantages of Fasting. Once we grasp this, our frame can be liberated from diseases, consequently ridding us of medicines. In due path, our frame also attains excessive energy levels, decreased hunger pangs and stepped forward immune strength.

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Liquid Fasting – The Key to Ultimate Weight Loss:

While weight loss is attributed numerous factors like metabolism, age, way of life and hereditary, VRK comments that with persistence and determination, you may honestly attain their intention. While a few human beings claim to have misplaced 30 kgs. In a month, others have claimed to have misplaced no less than 8kgs in keeping with month. VRK also recommends a special liquid fasting diet for overweight our bodies to help them shed pounds faster.

Liquid Fasting is first-rate for a total frame cleanse and can be performed after the seventh day of the regular program for two to five days and repeat after a while. For a rapid fall within the numbers to your scale, VRK recommends a non-stop liquid speedy up to six consecutive days.

One must completely keep away from something that calls for chewing, grinding of teeth. Meaning, one has to completely keep away from solid meals of all paperwork and handiest thrive on liquids like water, inexperienced tea, lemon soda and unique veg or non-veg soups with 70g-100gm excessive fats. Liquid fast can be stopped best with a first solid meal of nuts, observed by means of the regular four pillar diet.

Reversal of Type-2 Diabetes:

Type-2 Diabetes is the maximum not unusual, long term clinical sickness in adults or even in children. It is without delay associated with weight problems, where the greater fat effects the production of insulin, ensuing in an accelerated blood sugar tiers.

VRK claims that his special healthy dietweight-reduction plan not simplest contributes to weight reduction, however also helpsin reversing Type -2 diabetes. Most sufferers with Type -2 diabetes are insulin resistant, because of obese. This software, by using enabling people lost weight faster, can aid in better production and usage of insulin.

In due course, it is also possible for a complete reversal of Type-2 diabetes, liberating the affected person from injections and capsules.

What People Say about VRK Diet:

VRK food plan has end up extraordinarily popular within the Telugu states and is earning many fans. Most folks who followed his diet plan are defending VRK and have claimed to have shed as an awful lot as 22 kg to 30 kg in a month.

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There have additionally been pretty a few cases where human beings had been capable of lessen or remove the need of medicines after just a couple of days with this plan. Many human beings also are experimenting with the four-Pillar model and are posting recipes which have helped them quicken the technique.

Side Effects:

No food plan or treatment is free from facet consequences. VRK himself has listed the viable results that come with the weight-reduction plan along with elevated cholesterol levels, dizziness, drop in sugar ranges, headache, nausea, constipation, weakness, rashes because of fat metabolism or even diarrhoea.

These, as consistent with VRK, are brief results, one studies for the primary three-7 days to manage up with the surprising changes. However, with persistence and willpower, you can still without problems overcome these troubles and witness superb modifications within the frame.

VRK additionally advises diabetes sufferers to preserve their remedy at the same time as on the eating regimen and decrease the dosage after consulting their doctor.


While the eating regimen has earned a huge quantity of fans, there are also many folks who strongly oppose it. Especially the medical doctors council has expressed a strong resentment at the healthy eating plan. They opine that the excessive fat weight loss program ought to probably result in excessive level cholesterol levels that may be lethal.

Is it Worth?

With extra than 1,000,000 views garnered for his movies considering Jan 31,2018 Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna has earned large appreciate among his fans. Despite divided critiques, VRK’s determination and selflessness to create a disorder-unfastened society is quite inspirational and commendable.

After witnessing the number of testimonials by way of his followers, this weight-reduction plan can be attempted with care and caution.Before blindly following public opinion, it’s miles always really helpful to examine one’s body with a clinical expert and are looking for their recommendation.

Experts also advise combining the weight-reduction plan with exercise for tremendous consequences.

If you ready to strive the new diet regime, keep telling yourself that no magic can appear with out one’s self-motivation and resolution. Let no biryani or dessert trap you faraway from your health goals!

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