The heart is the most vital organ of our body and if it gets sick or weak it started to affect all other body parts including the brain. Nowadays mostly deaths that occur as a result of the medical condition includes heart attack at the top list. In short, not only heart failure affects the other vital organs but it happens in vice versa also. Meanwhile, people having many health issues, genetic disorders and the stress which is a major reason for heart health disorders.

Although the modern lifestyle has many facilities the fact which can’t be denied is that it’s not healthy in many ways. In addition, inactiveness and too much use of gadgets have made this lifestyle problem creating in many ways.

Whatever the cause might be of heart failure but it starts to show up and have alarming symptoms that finally leads to heart attack. Therefore we must be aware of these symptoms before they get in the untreatable zone and put our lives at risk. Precautions are always better than cure and especially if you are more vulnerable to environmental stress than you must have the knowledge about the symptoms that might be a warning sign for some of us. In fact, if you are someone with a medical history or family history of heart failure then must observe these symptoms vigilantly.

1. Shortness of breath:

Shortness of breath without any apparent reason is a point of concern and it symbolizes any health prevailing condition. As we know that heart pumps oxygenated blood to the body and deoxygenated blood to the lungs then lungs oxygenate the blood and send it back to the heart to supply the whole body. If the heart could not pump the blood with appropriate speed and pressure then one might go through shortness of breath and need more oxygen from the air to fulfill the purpose.


2. Cold and Flu Symptoms:

Cold and flu is not a serious condition but for someone has persisting heart disease this condition is something that might lead to major heart attack. Therefore cold and flu symptoms without any obvious reason must be attended carefully when going through heart weakness.

3. Chest Pressure:

As mentioned earlier in the article that heart pumps the blood and the heart muscles are in 24/7 motion which needs an adequate amount of blood supply. Actually, the blood supply is restricted in heart tissues and thus heart muscles could not perform the pumping action appropriately. Consequently one might feel heavy pressure on the chest. You must rush to ER if observes heavy pressure and so not hesitate to seek the help of anyone nearby as it’s dangerous to drive in such condition.

4. Weakness:

Feeling week and low without any hard work is also a major alarming sign which is taken lightly as laziness but actually, it’s characterized as a result of heart function failure. Basically, the heart is unable to pump the blood throughout the body muscles and one might feel inactiveness and weakness as a result.

5. Cold Sweat and dizziness:

This situation is closer when the heart attack or cardiac arrest is just a few hours apart. Blood supply is lowered down and brain could not get the appropriate blood supply results in cold sweating and dizziness. In addition, it might result in unconsciousness. So if you are one with hypertension condition, diabetics or family history of heart failure must call ER and request for an ambulance to rush into cardiology department straight.


6. Fatigue:

Another most prevailing and unattended situation is unusual fatigue. If you are someone with active nature and working few more hours and now you are not able to even fulfill the basic requirements and just feel tired after doing simple chores then you are at risk of existing heart issues.

Whatever the sign might be but if you are having the previous history to heart issues than rush to the ER or seek cardiologist appointment as soon as possible as early diagnose can save many lives.