Meanwhile, we only know the basic use of Vicks Vaporub as just congestion clearing and used in cold and flu. However, there are some other uses of the same gel. Besides headaches, cold, congestion and chest throat infections here I am going to share another most uncommon use of Vicks Vaporub.

Here are the most uncommon uses of Vicks Vaporub so be ready to grab yours now and use it.

1. Mosquitoes Repellent:

Almost the rainy season is on the way and the most irritating factor about rainy weather is the gust of mosquitoes. Consequently, more fevers and infections as these tiny creatures carry germs everywhere. All you have to do is to apply some of the Vicks Vaporub on the body skin or on clothes you wear and no mosquitoes will come closer to you.

2. Sinus Headache:

Sinus headaches sometimes misunderstood as common headaches or stress headaches. However, these headaches last longer than common headaches and also are more painful. Therefore Vicks vapor rub is the best remedy and instant relaxation provider. Just apply some under your nostrils and on the frontal head.

3. Acne:

Vicks Vaporub contains anti-bacterial and anti-viruses that help in reducing the acne. Apply Vicks Vaporub on the affected area several times a day and you will observe a reduction in the acne. It will also help the scars fade away.

4. Insect repellent:

Not only the mosquitoes but also insects run away from the menthol smell in the vice Vaporub.If you are planning to have a picnic just take a bottle of Vicks with you and you will have no insect picnic.


5. Bruises Reliever:

Bruises are painful and also discomforting at the same time. All you have to do is to add a pinch of salt in Vicks and apply on the fresh bruise that will help in blood clotting as well as relieve the pain. In addition, you won’t develop any marks.

6. Sore Muscles:

Muscles ache is a common symptom of many diseases and also just over tiring ends you in aching muscles. Simply apply some Vicks on aching muscle and then cover it with a towel. Repeat this process several times a day until you feel relaxed.

7. Moisturizer:

Dry weather brings many problems including dry skin patches that make you look dull. Simply apply some Vicks on dry patches and you will feel well hydrated and naturally moisturized skin within few uses.

8. Tennis Elbow:

Basically, menthol in the Vicks helps in relieving the pain of tennis elbow.

9. Cracked heals:

Massage some Vicks on the cracked heal and then wear socks and leave it overnight. Later in the morning wash your feet with warm water or soak in warm water for a few minutes then scrub it with a scrubber. Repeat the process daily and you will get rid of cracked heals within a week.

10. Nail Fungus:

Our fingers and toes nails get affected with fungus sometimes and that might result in completely nail lost sometimes. Just apply Vicks on the infected nail a then wear socks or mittens overnight.Next, you wash with warm water and trim your nails.

11. Congestion and cough:

Basically, the most advertised benefit of Vicks is clearing the congested chest and nasal path. However, it also helps in relieving the cough due to infection.

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12. Prevents fleece scratching:

Although keeping cats is not an easy job and the worst part is those scratching that you can’t get rid of. Simply apply some Vicks on the hand and feet and it will repel your cat to scratch on you.

13. Heal cut and chips:

Simply apply some Vicks on the fresh cuts and likewise prevents infections and diseases.


Racehorses use this tip to keep the horse focused on running and not get attracted by female odor. Just apply some Vicks under horses nostrils and will run faster without any interruption.

15 Stretch marks:

Postpartum or sudden weight loss cause stretch marks on the body and applying Vicks help in reducing the stretch marks and reenacting the skin.

16. Pet urine:

Its always difficult to toilet train the pet therefore just apply some Vicks on the area where you do not want them to urinate. simply keep the bottle open near that door and furniture.

17. Eczema:

apply on the affected area and wash in the morning and you will have eczema-free skin.

18. Terrible Ear pain:

Apply some Vicks on the cotton ball and then keep that cotton ball in the ear it will instantly relieve the pain.

19. Athlete’s foot:

Likewise other infection it also helps in reducing the athlete feet infection that is caused by fungus.

20. Warts:

Apply on warts twice a day then use filler to scrub the wart and you will be able to remove a wart from the roots at home.

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21. Fat burning:

Apply some Vicks on the belly area and then cover it with a warm cloth. Now let it sweat for hours and you will have reduced belly fats.

How To Use Vicks VapoRub To Get Rid Of Accumulated Belly Fat And Cellulite Eliminate Stretch Marks And Have Firmer Skin 1