It’s pretty true that we have sweet food on our happy and special occasions. However, sugar is not as better for our health as its taste is. Unfortunately avoiding sugary food at all is almost impossible for us but controlling the sugar intake is a must. Sometimes treating once in a while is not bad but harming owns self-knowing the consequences is not a good decision at all.

Here in this article, I will inform you about a few situations that you might go through just because of the enormous amount of sugar intake.

1. Whacky Energy Level:

Highs and lows of energy level are mainly due to the high consumption of sugary food in our diet. In fact, sugary food provides you empty calories that only cause accumulation of fats and does not provide enough energy to carry out the necessary routine tasks. In spite of having high sugary snacks, it’s always better to have a portion of fruit in hand to surpass the cravings. Although cold drinks are something that we are addicted to you can replace it with sparkling water. However, adding more protein to the food and avoiding carbs and sugar is a very healthy diet routine.

2. Bloating:

Sugar intake is the reason for water retention in the body which might result in bloating. Basically, water retention is because of a low metabolic rate. Therefore it’s wise to cut off the sugary food on one hand and taking healthy food on the other hand helps you in all aspects.

3. Scarfing down food:

Cakes, cookies pies, and candies are the food that contains empty calories and does not help in boosting the energy level. Our body naturally processes the sugar more than anything and this one always has more than the required amount of sugary food without feeling full. Therefore one always craves for sugary food and thus adds up unnecessary sugar.

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4. Labels information:

The label on the processed food tells everything about the nourishment content in the food. Ignoring that label is not healthy in any way. Beside that processed food always contain hidden sugar content that is not good for you.

5. Overloading smoothies:

Fruit smoothies are healthy and are recommended instead of using processed drinks. Therefore overloading the smoothies is not recommended. As one has to add fats, high sugar and veggies to make those smoothies taste better but it destroys their nutritional values.

6. Can’t sleep well:

Are you not able to sleep well at night or having ambiguous reasons for insomnia? Especially having sweets at night time causes lack of sleep and alert sleepiness. Avoiding midnight sugary snack will help you get back to sleep peacefully and soundly.

7. Head Pain:

Headaches are very common in people taking more than an adequate amount of sugar. Headaches, bloating, foggy minds and many other types of discomfort are usually because of those extra chocolates or candies that you take while hanging out.

8. Acne pooped:

If you are getting acne problems more frequently then you should check on your diet intake of sugary food. Most people believe that extra cups of coffee or tea is causing acne and pimple but actually the main culprit is the amount of sugar that you intake while taking the tea and coffee.

9. Dry skin:

Winter weather usually brings dry skin and additionally extra sweets and sugary food causes more damage to the skin. Therefore if the skin is losing moisture and dry patches are appearing then you must check your sugar intake.

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10. Depressed mood:

Usually, people eat more sweets at the temple festivals or feast but ended you in a depressed and tired mood. Finally, you have depression and fatigue that makes you feel low. However, you can take a light sugar with some protein intake does not lead to discomfort.

11. Irregular Bowel Movement:

Some people have more sensitive intestine and gastric tract than others. Hence too much sugar cause irritable bowel movement and causes chronic diarrhea.

12. Inflammation:

High level of sugar in the body disturbs the insulin level which eventually leads to disturbing hormonal production. Change breakfast sugar to protein and have a non-inflammated body.

13. Intense craving:

Sometimes you have taken more than the required amount of sugary food to fill up the stomach but eventually, you end up hungry. The reason is that sugary food enhances the cravings and increase the appetite so one might not satisfy the cravings after many efforts.

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