In today’s article, we’re presenting you a diet regimen that you should use for 13 days. It is called The Copenhagen Consume less calories or The Danish Eating routine.

It will help you not gain the weight for a long time. Your digestion system will be expanded and you’ll be able to keep the gained weight.

In case you put on some weight during the main weight, you shouldn’t be afraid since it can be normal in some people. You should lose from 7 to 20 kilograms!

You need to use this regimen for 13 days precisely. You intake a low amount of calories e.g. about 600 calories every day.

The 13-day regimen lacks organic products, grains as well as dairy, so you have to be aware that you may suffer from mineral or vitamin deficiencies as well as tiredness. You’ll also feel hungry constantly and you’ll be prone to illnesses.

These are some guidelines that you need to follow:

Alcohol, fizzy drinks, snacks, chewing gum etc. shouldn’t be consumed while you’re on this regimen. If you still consume them, you might not obtain the desired results.

If you somehow stop using the diet regimen, you shouldn’t begin with it for the following 6 months. If you continue to use it for 13 more days, then you shouldn’t use it for 2 years after that since your digestion system will be disturbed.

You can intake salmon, lamb or 250 grams of chicken breasts during this routine. You can also use oregano, pepper, garlic and different types of flavoring, but no salt! Your intake of calories will be low, so you need to be careful with physical exercises.


THE 13-DAY Eat less carbs MENU

This is the complete regimen for 13 days. Try not to break it in order to achieve the best results!