Did you know that the toilet paper can cause skin irritation in the areas which are the most sensitive?

Skin Irritation and Toilet Paper

Itching of the skin or also known as pruritus appears in numerous people during their life. It might also appear with a rash, burning which is annoying and itching. This affects the quality of life and many people are desperately looking for a solution.

Skin Irritation of the Anus

This is a common problem which can also be really embarrassing. Many causes can be responsible for anal fissures, hemorrhoids and pruritus like: contact dermatitis, fecal matter contamination, infections, allergies to laundry and clothing soap, reactions to medicationsandfoods, dermatological conditions, colorectal and/or anal cancers, etc. First, the doctor needs to determine the cause for the anal itching so that he/she could offer a successful treatment. That will help you continue with your normal life without being embarrassed.

Skin Irritation of the Vulva

This appears in women often and is also called vulvovaginitis discomfort. It can happen because of yeast, viral and bacterial infections, some allergy or irritation. Some of the symptoms are: stinging, abnormal vaginal discharge, increased urination, burning, itching, a vulva which is red and swollen etc. The most important thing is to discover the real cause for the vulvovaginitis. The doctor will then be able to offer a successful treatment.

Skin Irritation Caused by Toilet Paper & Treatment

People who are allergic to any additive, fragrance or toilet paper dye often have contact dermatitis. Some toilet papers are full of formaldehyde, but also ingredients which offer absorbency and thickness to the toilet paper. If the paper is expensive, bleached, strong, absorbent and also thick is probably filled with formaldehyde. There are some papers with peroxides, aloe or lotion, phosphate, alcohol, dyes,chlorine, anti-bacterial propertiesandperfumes. They are all able to cause an allergic reaction which will spread on the vulva and/or anus like itching.

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First, your doctor needs to discover if the irritation was caused by your toilet paper and an allergic reaction to it. Using some topical steroids will certainly help you reduce the irritation. Try buying some other toilet paper so that you could see which would be the best for your skin. Use toilet papers that are greyish, cheaper, thinner and unscented. You’ll see that the skin irritation will be gone as soon as you determine which toilet paper is the best for you.