We all face some problems in our everyday life, no matter what nature they might be of. But, did you know that some of the most annoying problems can be solved with the help of some body hacks, like curing hiccups, improved sleep, etc.

These are 7 of the best body hacks to help you improve the quality of your life!

Decrease Hiccups By Drinking Upside Down

Hiccups might be really annoying, but if you want them to stop fast, just make sure your bloodstream has an increased level of carbon dioxide. Just take a glass of water and drink it upside-down:

  • The water has to be cold
  • Bend at the waist and put the head down
  • Start drinking water from the opposite of your glass
  • Repeat it once more

This is something you can do at home, but if you’re outside, hold your breath longer. Start exhaling very slowly.

Stop Yawning With The Help Of Cool Water

When you’re in class or in a meeting, it might be common to see people yawning. It’s a sign of someone who isn’t interested in the topic or is bored.

Pour some cold water in a glass and it will refresh you instantly.

You can also take several deep breaths with your nose, but exhale them sing your mouth.

Prevent Tears By Holding Your Eyes Open

Crying is a normal emotional reaction for everyone, but it can be embarrassing if it appears in a public space.

Make sure your eyes are wide open. Don’t blink! Tears won’t be able to form this way.


If you’ve already started crying, just blink several times fast. Another thing you can try is to turn your face upward and then look up.

Pain can also distract you from crying. Just pinch the webbed piece of skin between the index finger and the thumb. Pinching it harder will help you stop crying instantly.

Acid Reflux Can Be Prevented By Sleeping On Your Left Side

When you had just had a heavy lunch or dinner, acid reflux appears fast. You start feeling a burning sensation in the lower chest area. It is also called heartburn.

If you often experience acid reflux, try sleeping on your left. In this way, your stomach will be lower than the esophagus and the acid won’t slide in the throat.

Sleeping on your right increases the levels of acid and with that, you experience more acid reflux.

You also have another option and that is to start chewing gum immediately after a meal. Don’t go to bed then. Wait for a while.

Fight Your Bad Mood Using A Pencil In Your Mouth

Having a bad mood can ruin your whole day. You feel sad and stressed and can’t smile.

But, here, we’re going to show you how to feel better. You just need a pencil that you’ll put inside your mouth! The muscles that you use for smiling become activated immediately, so dopamine and serotonin are released in your brain. You start feeling happy!

Decrease Eyestrain With The Help Of The 20-20-20 Rule

We know that nowadays we all spend much of our time in front of the computer. But, that causes a variety of health problems like eyestrain or a bad headache.

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You just need the 20-20-20 rule. Focus on an object which is on 20 feet away from your computer. After you have spent 20 minutes working, spend 20 minutes on looking at the object you chose. The eyestrain will disappear very soon.

Another helpful thing is to blink often because in that way, your eyes won’t be dry. You should also relax more and don’t look at the computer as much as you can.

Eating Will Reset Your Internal Body Clock

People working in shifts as well as frequent travelers tend to go to bed and wake up at different times which aren’t natural for their bodies.

If they just change their eating habits, their body clocks might as well be manipulated.

The habits we have for eating send signals to our hypothalamus. It will send us a signal when we should be awake or when we should sleep.


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