Our busy lifestyles make us very stressed. We don’t have much time to take care of our health, so we probably ignore the signs our body is trying to present to us. Did you know that our nails can be an excellent indicator of something that’s wrong with our body. We need to pay attention to their bends, color as well as edges. We have to be understand whether they are thin or thick because they can indicate various organ failures.

These are some of the most important changes in our fingernails!

Weirdly rounded nails

It’s usually a sign of lung diseases or liver problems. Something is blocking the breathing process. The nail becomes rounded and it starts spreading around the nail bed. The nail starts looking puffed and the skin surrounding it become irritated and puffed, too.

Thin and brittle

This means that the nails are breakable. It usually shows a bacterial activity or some hormonal disorder. One thing that can cause brittle nails which are broken and extremely dry is a disbalanced thyroid.

Edges on the nail surface

Nails which are healthy don’t have any lines or ridges on them. Their surface is smooth. We can notice edges on the nails if a person has lupus (where the immunity system actually attacks itself) as well as arthritis.

Dunk nails

If you push your nails very hard, then they might appear dunk. It’s a condition which appears because of dry patches around your skin that are itchy, zinc deficiency, weakened immunity etc.

Plunging nails

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Conditions like hemochromatosis (liver dysfunction) as well as hypothyroidism make the nails similar to plunge or they look like they’re bending.

A nail plate which is splitting up

Excessive dehydration usually causes this symptom. The nails start splitting in the middle. Experts claim that this condition can also appear if you don’t keep good care of the nails. You need to intake a lot of protein as well as vitamin C so that you don’t have deficiencies. This is a condition which can develop into psoriasis and in time, it appears as corrosive and causes even more damage.

Thickening of nails

This is a symptom which shows the nails thickened in an unnatural way. It usually presents problems with some internal bacteria, lung diseases as well as a thyroid problems.

De-coloration of nails

Nails which are normal are pink-white in color and at the base, they have a crescent shape. When our nails are discolored, they can show liver sickness usually because of a lack of nutrients. They are pale if they show this internal problem. If they’re blue, they show that our blood doesn’t get enough oxygen. The nail beds which have red streaks show problems with the heart. In case you have nails that are green, this is a sign of the development of fungus which needs to be treated right away.

These are some of the most serious nail changes which must never be ignored. Take care of your nails as well as your health!