Everyone wants to taste foods that are different. When it comes to the process of preparation, we listen or watch the recipes prepared by famous chefs as well as the well-known restaurants. Everyone trusts these recipes without questioning, but to be honest, they can often tell us false info and mislead us.

In today’s article, we’re presenting you 5 of the foods that you have to make sure and check what their ingredient list says:

Prime Meat

Regulations come from the Food and Drug Administration, but some restaurants don’t respect them. Prime Meat is sold in restaurants, but how can we know if this meat is actually pieces of meat connected together with the help of transglutaminase which is meat-glue?

A recent discovery claims that in prime beef there are 6% of beef. We can also find Kobe beef sold in some restaurants at a price that’s really reasonable. The USA only has several restaurants which are certified to sell Kobe beef. If you find it cheap, you may want to think twice before ordering it.


Real honey is known to be able not to expire. It contains a great amount of pollen inside. There are different companies on the market which sell their own honey, but be careful, as it’s full of corn syrup. A recent research by Vaughn Bryant who had tested 60 jars of honey discovered that 76% of them which were bought from a store didn’t have pollen inside.

When you buy honey from the stores, check the ingredients. There should only be honey. You can also test it: let it drip in a steady stream and see how long it takes. You should also check if it will stay on the bottom when you put it on room temperature.

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Imitation Crab

Yes, you read it right. It really is an imitation of crab meat. It’s a mixture of other types of fish and prepared as paste. It is frozen and then they add food dye usually in orange color. Be careful when you go into sushi restaurants. Make sure you know what they are serving and that it’s not imitation crab.

Parmesan Cheese

Everyone loves to add some parmesan cheese on pizza or pasta. It’s a favorite, but a research from 2013 discovered that one of the most well-known sellers of parmesan cheese didn’t actually sell 100% parmesan cheese, but it was a combo made of Swiss, mozzarella, cheddar and Havarti. Unfortunately, they make 100% parmesan with the help of some anti-clumping agent which is derived from wood pulp and it’s called cellulose. It isn’t dangerous for consumption, but still, why would someone lie to you? If you really like parmesan, try to find and buy the one which originates from Italy.

Maple Syrup

Real maple syrup is full of manganese and zinc as well as different nutrients which improve our metabolism. But, there are sellers who offer maple syrup for a very small price, yet with a great difference. It’s different in taste, but also in color and ingredients. It’s full of high levels of fructose and sodium. Take a good look at the ingredients whenever you decide to buy something from the store.

All of us need to make sure they know what they’re eating. Companies will try to sell us anything just to gain profit. We must be well-aware of the things we eat and always read the ingredients. We must take care of our health on our own.