A lot of times people have been questioning about the properties of the chicken eggs. Usually, they have been saying negative things. However, it has been proven that the composition of chicken eggs is actually very unique in several ways.

Therefore, we have collected some evidence of recent studies, and in today’s article we will talk about all the benefits chicken eggs can offer for the body. In fact, 2-3 eggs a day would be the perfect daily does of eggs.

9 Things that Will Happen if You Eat 2 Eggs a Day

1. Slowing Down of the Aging Process

One study which was conducted by Dutch scientists claimed that 87% of women from 35 to 40 years old consumed eggs and they managed to get rid of their age spots. What is more, their skin was lifted as well. Also, the wrinkles around the eyes that appeared in men smoothed as well.

2. Useful When Planning Children

The B vitamins are a part of the formation of the sex hormones. for instance, B9 vitamin, or folic acid, can help the red blood cells and the neural tube of the fetus to for. Also, it will reduce the risk of mental retardation in children. Thus, vitamin B9 is clearly very necessary for women when pregnant. 1 chicken egg contains 7.0 mcg of this vitamin.

3. Decreases the Risk of Cancer

Choline, which is needed for the brain, is also one of those ingredients that reduces the risk of cancer. One study, which explored the daily diet of women in adolescence that included eggs, claimed that the risk of breast cancer decreased by 18%.

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4. Start Losing Weight

Some American scientists concluded that if you combine a low-calorie diet and chicken eggs consumption for breakfast, you will lose the weight faster. This type of a breakfast will keep you satiated longer, thus, allowing you to decrease the amount of food you usually eat daily.

5. Eggs reduce cholesterol

Eggs are proven to have lots of cholesterol, which balance themselves with phosphatides, so it’s not too harmful to our health. This causes the body’s natural cholesterol production to be limited and lowered. Also, eggs have rich omega-3 acids that balance off triglyceride levels, which unquestionably help the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Eggs can help you lose weight

It’s been scientifically proven that if you combine a low-calorie diet with chicken eggs for breakfast, you lose weight twice as fast. This is due to the fact that eggs allow you to feel less hungry throughout the day, thus decreasing the amount of food consumed.

7. Eggs may help reduce the risk of cancer

Choline is known to reduce the risk of cancer. According to one study, for women who put eggs into their daily diet, the risk of developing breast cancer decreased by 18 percent.

8. Eggs are rich in B vitamins

B vitamins help with the creation of sex hormones. One of the B vitamins, known as folic acid, can help red blood cells and assist with the neural tube of the fetus when it’s formed. Thus, the risks associated with a child’s possible mental retardation are reduced. Also worthy to point out, this is the reason that B9 is so important for women to be eating while during pregnancy. One egg has 7.0 mcg of the vitamin.

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9. Eggs may improve skin

Also worth pointing out from the research is that in 87 percent of women from the ages of 35 to 40, age spots disappeared and skin lifted after eating eggs on a daily basis. In men, wrinkles around the eyes went down dramatically.

9 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs Per Day 1