Recently started in 2010 but growing in popularity is the 17 Day diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. The diet is thoroughly explained in his book and was developed from his observations and work with his clients who had weight issues.

It promises weight loss on the first 17 days of the diet but the diet period itself actually extends to even longer than that. This diet has yielded results for many dieters and has even been featured on TV shows like Dr. Phil and the Doctors. The principle behind this diet is counting the calories you eat per day and following the guidelines on which foods to eat and which to avoid.

17 Day Diet Review

Here’s what you need to know about the 17 Day Diet:

The details

This diet has four phases and each phase is for a duration of 17 days. The first phase called Accelerate involves cutting down significantly on carbohydrates.

Each day your caloric intake should not exceed 1,200 calories. In addition to that, you can only eat whole foods while processed foods as well as foods with added sugar are off limits.

In the next phase, Activate, you shift to a slightly higher caloric intake. According to Dr. Moreno, the aim here is to confuse the body’s metabolism so that it doesn’t get used to your calorie consumption and as a result continues to burn fat.

The third phase, Achieve, strives to get dieters accustomed to healthier eating habits like regulating portions and serving sizes. You may now eat some previously prohibited foods. At this stage also, dieters can exercise using a workout routine recommended in this diet plan. During the final phase, Arrive, it is expected that healthy eating habits have already been learned and should be continued. Cheat meals from time to time, like during the weekends, are now permitted.

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The upsides

Compared to some other diet plans, the 17 day diet offers rapid weight loss. At the first 17 days or the first phase, results can already be expected. Many people also prefer this diet as the focus is on real food and not supplements or meal replacement products. Another benefit is that the diet plan offers a variety of food so that dieters will not easily get tired of eating similar food all the time. Because it advocates eating only natural foods, dieters can still get the essential nutrients they need while avoiding unhealthy fats. The diet plan’s book contains recipes and eating plans as well to make it easier for dieters to prepare their meals.

The downsides

Due to the low calorie limit during the first phase, exercise may not be a good idea. You may need to hold off on rigorous physical activity until the third phase. For some dieters, the shift from one phase to the next may lead them to slip from the eating plan. If they lack determination, in the final phase, the occasional cheat meal may cause them to return to old eating patterns as well.

Final thoughts

The 17 Day Diet plan can certainly aid in losing weight. Reducing carbs and calories has been shown to be more effective overall in weight loss and weight management and several people have reported successfully losing weight using this diet plan.

The change from one phase to the next may also help enhance the body’s metabolism. To maintain the results and keep the weight off, however, dieters need to make sure their lifestyle, especially their eating habits, changes to a healthier one and stays that way.

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