25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

If you’re at all concerned about your health and fitness, you no doubt research and read fitness blogs. But with so many out there, how do you know which ones to follow and which ones to blacklist? And if you just stick with the big names like Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness and Women’s Health Mag you are missing out on so much great information.

Outside of the big names there health and fitness bloggers that are tremendously talented, informative, and so very interesting to read. Below is a compilation of 25 of the best fitness bloggers to follow right now.

The top 25 fitness bloggers to follow right now


    • The top 25 fitness bloggers to follow right now
      • 1. Rebooted Body
      • 2. This Is It Fitness
      • 3. Fitness On Toast
      • 4. Carly Rowena
      • 5. Fitness In The City
      • 6. Fitnistics
      • 7. Breaking Muscle
      • 8. Spot Me Bro
      • 9. Eat Lift Be Happy
      • 10. Roman Fitness Systems
      • 11. HomeFitnessTalk.com
      • 12. Powercakes
      • 13. Fitness Black Book
      • 14. Badass Fitness
      • 15. Comeback Momma
      • 16. Purely Twins
      • 17. Lift Like A Girl
      • 18. Remodel Fitness
      • 19. Mark’s Daily Apple
      • 20. Dai Manuel
      • 21. RunningLovingLiving.com
      • 22. Preppy Runner
      • 23. Workout Mommy
      • 24. Workout Nirvana
      • 25. Jesse Kneeland
    • Wrapping Up!
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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

1. Rebooted Body

Fat loss + Vibrant health + Peak performance

Why you should follow him: Kevin’s fitness program not only gets you fit and lean, it reprograms your body and mentality for long term sustainability.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

2. This Is It Fitness

Strive for progress, not perfection

Why you should follow her: She went from fat to fit to fitness trainer. Learn from her transformation experience!

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

3. Fitness On Toast

Why You should follow her: Her blog is precisely as she claims: “Unbiased, honest, organic, free-range view on ‘fitness, nutrition and fashion’, in a single, friendly and accessible place.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

4. Carly Rowena

Why You should follow her: Oh my god her six pack! And her blog is elegant, interesting, and addictive.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

5. Fitness In The City

Why You should follow her: She studied natural medicine and nutrition and spends loads of time researching health and fitness. Why not get some of her knowledge?

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW6. Fitnistics

Why you should follow Fitnistics: The site is a must-read due to the broad areas of health and fitness covered. It has great articles on everything from fitness, to diet, nutrition and personal care. Check it out!

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

7. Breaking Muscle

Why you should follow her: Her blog is an incredible resource on exercise and fitness with complete training programs and schedules.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

8. Spot Me Bro

Your daily whiff of testosterone

Why you should follow him: This blog is a weighlifter’s bible, full of awesome advise and articles related to anything weightlifting.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

9. Eat Lift Be Happy

Why you should follow her: Her posts are enjoyable, uplifting, positive, and share-worthy. It just feels good reading her stuff.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

10. Roman Fitness Systems

Why you should follow him: John went from overweight to model to trainer in that order. He also offers sound advise on losing weight and becoming fit.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW11. HomeFitnessTalk.com

Why you should follow her: Holly is a former health club franchise owner with over a decade of fitness industry experience. Her blog is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to exercise from home and identify the perfect piece of home gym equipment.

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Rebooted BodyKevinLeading authority on the psychology of eating

This Is It Fitness This Is It FitnessShares interesting & informative fitness articles

Fitness On Toast Faya Nillson Half-Swedish half-English personal trainer sharing healthy & unusual recipes

Carly Rowena Carly Fitness Blogger and Personal Trainer from England

Fitness In The City Lee Sutherland Health & fitness expert

FitnisticsFitnisticsSpreads the value of staying fit & in shape

Breaking Muscle Breaking Muscle Team Fitness world’s preeminent destination for timely, high-quality information on exercise, fitness, health, & nutrition

Spot Me Bro Egan Liabetto A digital men’s lifestyle destination serving premium health/fitness content

Eat Lift Be Happy NegLifestyle & fitness coach, speaker, writer

Roman Fitness Systems RomanThe central hub of the Roman Fitness Empire

HomeFitnessTalk.com StaceyA go-to resource for reviews on the best fitness equipment & informative articles

PowercakesKaseyCertified personal trainer, author, blogger

Fitness Black Book Rusty Moore Shares advanced tips personal trainers don’t usually know

Badass Fitness ShannonACE- and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor with 8 years + experience

Comeback MommaJennInspirational blogger in her quest for being fit, fun & stylish

Purely Twins Lori & Michelle Shares real food, gluten-free recipes & balanced meals

Lift Like A Girl Nia Shanks Fitness coach & writer with new information all the time

Remodel Fitness JessiFitness aficionado who tweets & blogs about fitness, health, & wellness

Mark’s Daily Apple Mark Sisson Top promoter of primal eating, health & wellness

Dai Manuel DaiKeynote speaker, author, personal trainer & nutrition expert

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RunningLovingLiving.com Toni Registered nurse, blogger, runner

Preppy Runner TheodoraShares her weight loss journey & healthy lifestyle

Workout Mommy LisaPersonal trainer, group fitness instructor, marathon runner, & overall fitness junkie

Workout Nirvana Writer, weightlifter, hiker & lover of the outdoorsWriter, weightlifter, hiker & lover of the outdoors

25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

12. Powercakes

Be true to you

Why you should follow her: Because her inspiring motto: “Be true to you” says it all. She is positive, motivating, and genuinely cares about who she reaches and helps along the fitness journey.

Epic post: Looking For a Way to Engage & Strengthen Your Core? THIS is the Move!

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

13. Fitness Black Book

Why you should follow him: He has an unconventional system on gaining strength without hard core bodybuilding training. It is effective too, judging from his many readers.

Epic post: Eating to Increase Your Metabolism


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW

14. Badass Fitness

Why you should follow her: Her articles are a mix of solid fitness advise and training motivation with a personal touch that is both charming and relatable.

Epic post: Need Muscle Recovery? Make These Chocolate Mint Muscle Cookies!


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW15. Comeback Momma

Make your comeback today!

Why you should follow her: She came back from being overweight and depressed not once but twice! And she strives to inspire other women to do the same.

Epic post: How to Live a Balanced Life


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW16. Purely Twins

Be inspired. Be positive. Be fit. Be fabulously you in all parts of life.

Why you should follow them: They’re personable, friendly, positive and give a great energy. And they have the 3 C’s.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW17. Lift Like A Girl

Why you should follow her: Because she advocates and teaches weightlifting for women. And because lifting like a girl is a compliment thanks to her.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW18. Remodel Fitness

Get strong. Feel confident. Look amazing.

Why you should follow her: Because she is a down to earth human with insecurities and faults just like the rest of us. And her writing is witty, smart, and very engaging.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW19. Mark’s Daily Apple

Why you should follow him: He has thousands of articles. He has a forum. You can surf his blog for hours and hours and you wouldn’t have scratched the surface of the wisdom contained within.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW20. Dai Manuel

Achieving a “FUN”ctionally fit life through encouragement, education, and community

Why you should follow him: He was voted #1 fitness blog of 2015 by Breaking Muscle which speaks volumes about the quality of his many epic posts.

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Epic post: 50 Ways to Get Out of Bed for a Morning workout


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW21. RunningLovingLiving.com

The personal blog of Toni Church, wife, mother, runner and blogger

Why you should follow her: Toni does an amazing job of sharing her training as she prepares for running events, making it a perfect opportunity for newbie and even seasoned runners to soak up some quality information!

Epic Post: Weekly Workout Wrap

A series of posts actually, Toni documents her weekly workouts and pre-marathon workouts so it’s fantastic if you are looking for some insights into what others are doing.


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW22. Preppy Runner

Theodora lost weight, got in shape and is now showing others how to do the same.

Why you should follow her: If you can shed 50 pounds, that demonstrates some serious focus and ability to stay on track. I love the fact Theodora talks (writes) from experience. You can’t fake that!

Epic Post: Marathon Training

Went for a series of posts here as opposed to just one article for the Epic Post mention. You’ll learn a ton about marathon training as Theodora has documented all her pre-race training in this helpful category of articles.


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW23. Workout Mommy

A blog written by Lisa, BUSY single mother of 4,  filled with motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in your busy day.

Why you should follow her: Lisa just pours on the information. Her posts are not always super-long, in fact many are short updates but there’s no “fluff”. You’ll learn something from every article.

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25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW24. Workout Nirvana

Suzanne the Rebel, explorer, and mentor of women lifters who teaches women how to OWN their power in the weight room and beyond.

Why you should follow her: Suzanne is engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. Her teachings have a whole other level of impact when you consider her bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. Suzanne truly is a must-follow fitness blogger.

Epic Post: There Has To Be A First Time (An incredibly strong message from Suzanne about her first visit to the gym, 9 weeks after a double mastectomy. Powerful.)


25 Fitness Bloggers to Follow Right NOW25. Jesse Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland is out to save women from their own negative body image.

Why you should follow her: Jesse knows here stuff and has been featured in Shape, Health and Women’s Health Magazines, among others. A qualified personal trainer with a way with words is a recipe for an awesome fitness blog!

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Wrapping Up!

There are of course so many more but if you follow the above 25 bloggers alone but take a brief moment now to check some of them out, or better yet, check all of them out and follow the bloggers on social media. They will not disappoint!